Finance and Operations Organizational Unit Staff Councilor

Congratulations to Tammy Paulus on their election to Staff Council

Thanks to all of you who participated in the 2022 Finance and Operations Staff Council Organizational Representative Election to fulfill the one-year term.  In 2023, we will conduct a new election for a three-year term. 

This message is to inform you that the individual elected to serve as F&O Staff Councilor on the University of Iowa Staff Council for the one-year term is:

Tammy Paulus
Strategic Sourcing Purchasing Agent

Congratulations to Tammy on this important role in supporting our division. 

At the Department Level

  • Administrative staff and/or unit directors will meet periodically with staff to discuss regular business items associated with budget issues, human resources issues, and overall administrative issues and define feedback mechanisms for providing input as to these issues.
  • Shared governance currently exists in many departments. However, units may wish to review groups in place to decide where communications gaps exist then consider adding groups that will facilitate shared governance.

At the Division Level

  • Beginning in 2013, FO will conduct an Organizational Unit Staff Council Representative election every three years (or as needed) to elect a representative to serve as one of 20 Organizational Unit Councilors to the UI Staff Council.
  • FO Senior Staff meet periodically with Senior VP Lehnertz to discuss issues that impact the Finance and Operations division and the University.
  • FO Leadership Group (senior staff plus selected managers as well as the FO Organizational Unit Staff Council Representative) meet monthly to discuss issues that impact Finance and Operations division and the University. Selected participants are asked for updates from their specific areas.
  • The Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations will send a hand-written note to each employee within the Division at each five-year milestone after 20 years of service to the University of Iowa.
  • At least annually, FO employees will be invited to hear the Senior Vice President and/or Senior Staff speak at a division-wide meeting regarding current issues that impact FO and the University.
  • Senior Staff and unit directors will develop plans in response to the principles of shared governance and will need to demonstrate results during annual performance reviews.

Communication Plan

  • More division-wide communications and/or a website will be developed that will highlight shared governance.
  • Senior VP Lehnertz will attend periodically, when invited and when available, unit staff meetings to discuss current topics.

March 2021